We believe it only takes one thing to stand out from the crowd

What's that one thing?...

Well, it's different for every brand. For some it's being the low price leader. For others, it's quick delivery, the most durable, the most innovative, the smallest, the most convenient or the easiest to use. Simply put—it's your "story." And if we've learned anything over the past quarter of a century, it's that every company has a story to tell.

Whatever your brand's story is, remember this: Effectively communicating a single core, differentiating attribute of your brand through your story is a critical step toward maximizing brand equity, maximizing sales and maximizing profits.

"Research has proven that a good story is one of the most effective
means to persuade."

Why is it so important? Because, to put it simply, people respond to specifics not generalities. Think about it: Don’t those in your sales channel gravitate to sell those products with a good story to tell about it? And don’t customers prefer brands with an easy-to-understand story? Research has proven that a good story is one of the most effective means to persuade. Beyond simply creating “awareness”, a brand position communicated through your story and tag line can create awareness of something specific about the brand – ideally something specific which benefits the prospect. It’s a result we call “strategic awareness”, and great marketing doesn’t happen without it.

"The AIM ReportTM process is based heavily on research and analysis."

The AIM ReportTM process is based heavily on research and analysis. As part of this process, Huebner Marketing will interview key employees, customers, suppliers, sales channels and others who touch your brand. We'll look at your competitors, your current and past marketing materials, and meet with your executive team to help define and clarify what truly differentiates your brand from your competitors. This core differentiation will then become the foundation for your "story" and will be accompanied by an easy-to-understand slogan or "tagline" that helps sum your story up in one short statement.

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