With a good company story and great-tasting bread, it seemed Canyon Bakehouse, a startup gluten-free bakery, had all the ingredients to become a top gluten-free seller. But one thing was missing. Canyon Bakehouse was short on marketing tools that would tell its story and sell its bread. Customers had little awareness of the brand.

Huebner Marketing set out to provide the dedicated bakery with all the right marketing ingredients. Focus was placed on what set Canyon Bakehouse apart from its competitors — its taste. This spawned the best slogan, “Gluten Free. Taste Perfected,” promoted through print ads, photography, tradeshow materials, coupons, e-newsletters, social media campaigns, pay per click advertising and a company video. Huebner Marketing also set out to provide Canyon Bakehouse with materials that would help the baker get its products onto more store shelves. Sales sheets, point of sale and powerful sales presentation materials were built for distributor-level promotion.