AKA dealer marketing services or channel sales marketing

Equipping dealers with the right tools

Controlling your brand image from corporate to the frontlines

“Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” This well-known adage is compliments of Amazon Founder Jeff Bezos, but let’s take a moment to expand on this thought for the manufacturers who depend on their sales channels. “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room … so what are YOUR dealers saying?” More importantly, have you equipped them with the tools to tell your story? Huebner Marketing specializes in frontlines marketing for manufacturing companies. Call it what you will — dealer marketing services or channel sales marketing — we offer a number of custom-made solutions to help manufacturers control their brand image — from the corporate level to the frontlines.

Our frontlines marketing tools and services


Playing hide-and-seek with collateral costs money. An average company spends $2,000-$6,000 per year / per person just SEARCHING for files.

Lariat™ Digital Asset Management The best digital asset management system for manufacturers

Huebner Marketing’s proprietary Lariat™ digital asset management creates a one-stop, company-branded marketing hub for manufacturers to house materials for easy dealer access. Dealers can download broadcast-quality materials, high-res photography and vector-based graphics with the click of a button, or they can order physical materials, like brochures, PoP materials and more.


In six months, Jayco’s JayClick dealer PPC program generated 2,000 leads, an average 30% website traffic increase, plus 25% website conversion rates

Frontline Clicks™ dealer PPC campaigns Geo-targeted, brand-centric PPC programs for your frontline

75% of shoppers who visited a manufacturer’s website visited a dealer’s website within the same day. Huebner Marketing’s Frontline Clicks™ is a localized PPC program designed to help manufacturers own even more Page 1 search real estate. Frontline Clicks offers a geo-targeted, brand-centric PPC program, sending searches to your dealers’ local websites, featuring only your products.


Huebner Marketing has notched seven years of managing and executing national sales events with 100%+ ROI each year.

National sales events to unite your dealer network Maximize co-op dollars by tapping a nation of local markets

Experts in dealer co-op programs, Huebner Marketing has driven several client national sales events, including Jayco’s hugely successful Blue Tag Sales Event. National sales events unite the brand’s entire dealer network in an all-out multi-media campaign with a focused message and promotional giveaway to capture customer information.


86% of professionals prefer to use email when communicating for business purposes (HubSpot 2016)

Manufacturer / dealer communications Monthly dealer emails equip dealers with the right message

Staying top-of-mind is just as important at the dealer level as it is during the sales process. (Remember branding happens “when you’re not in the room” — between dealer and customer. Monthly dealer emails are an effective way to communicate co-op reminders, sale programs, service tips, new products and more. Dealer emails also let you track communication effectiveness.



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