"There's one good way to keep your brand from getting lost in the shuffle. Support those on your front lines better than anyone else."
—Jim Huebner

Lead Generating Websites

Lead Generation Websites

Our unbranded, lead generation websites attract new buyers, gather information, and provide that information to your sales channel. Leads feed into Huebner Marketing's own OnPoint™ marketing automation platform or into your own MAP. Either way, as you complement your paid search and SEO efforts with lead generation sites, you'll experience great ROI as well as the displacement of competitor sites in search results.

Dealer Microsites

Dealer Microsites

For a variety of reasons, it is sometimes best to provide access to local dealer or franchisee information on the company's corporate website, rather than sending them to a separate, independent website. Huebner Marketing is well versed in dealer microsite programs and offers full service design, implementation and administration of a company's dealer microsite program.

Warehousing and Fulfillment Services

Warehouse and Fulfillment Services

With warehouse and fulfillment services available on our premises (located between Loveland and Fort Collins, Colorado), Huebner Marketing can warehouse product brochures, POS items, dealer marketing materials and a variety of other items. Orders can be received through our own, proprietary LariatT™ Marketing Asset Management System (branded to your company), or through your own system. We offer 24-hour turnaround and unmatched customer service with our warehouse and fulfillment services.

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National Sales Events

National Sales Events

Huebner Marketing's national sales events are custom designed and implemented for each client. National sales events serve as great platforms for building broad brand awareness at the local level and building a more united and loyal dealer and/or franchisee network.

FrontlineClicksTM Local Web Advertising Program

Frontline Clicks is a local web pay per click program designed specifically for companies and their sales channel. It offers a geo-targeted, brand-centered PPC program sending Google, Bing and Yahoo searches to your dealers' local web sites and landing pages featuring only your products. With FRONTLINE CLICKSTM, you can:

  • Advertise YOUR products at the local level
  • Maintain YOUR brand standards
  • Work in YOUR dealer BTAs or territories
  • Work with or without YOUR co-op programs
  • Give yourself FULL control of your branded dealer PPC efforts
  • Send searchers to landing pages that feature only YOUR products
Dealer Communications

Dealer Communication

Communication with your dealers is a critical piece to both your success and theirs. Whether it's a monthly eNewsletter or printed newsletter, dealer shows, or training videos, Huebner Marketing offers both experience and expertise in developing a dealer communication program that best fits your needs.

Marketing Asset Management System

Digital Asset Management System (DAM)

Digital Asset Management Systems (DAM) are common among companies looking to make their digital assets easily accessible for those connected to their brand. Huebner Marketing's LariatT™ system goes one step further, offering not only your digital assets to be easily accessible, but also your PHYSICAL assets—like brochures, banners, point-of-sale materials, etc. With a few clicks of a button, users can download images and documents AND order an extra set of brochures, for example, all in the same visit to your site. More than a DAM, we affectionately refer to Lariat as our M'AM. And once you've walked through our FREE digital asset management demo, we think you'll understand the difference!

Marketing Automation and CRM

Marketing Automation and CRM

Huebner Marketing's OnPoint Marketing Automation Platform helps you generate and distribute leads to your sales channel, manage those leads, and helps your channel close on those leads more quickly. From email campaigns, lead tracking, lead scoring and analytics, to dynamic forms, call tracking, behavior tracking and CRM integration, OnPoint does it all.

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