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Your online presence management strategy begins with answering the question, “what is my objective?” If you don’t know what you are trying to measure, how will you know if you’ve succeeded or not. How will you set priorities? The second question that must be answered is, “who am I trying to reach?” If you can’t answer that question, how will you know where to find your audience, how to talk to them and what they want to know about.


While developing your online presence management strategy we’ve nailed down your strategic initiatives, content mix, social strategy and search plan. Now we begin implementing your content marketing plan, always keeping in mind the answer to that critical question, “what is my objective?” We deliver the right mix of content—demand-generation, customer-driven, and brand-focused —via the right mix of channels.


You’ve heard it before. If you can’t measure it, it doesn’t exist. Effectively measuring your online presence is a step you can’t afford to skip. What should you be measuring? Views, click-throughs, comments and shares are great. But how are those views, click-throughs, comments and shares translating when you view them in the context of your key strategic questions, “what is my objective?” and, “who am I trying to reach?”

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Online Presence Management Strategy

The key to getting found online.

At Huebner Marketing we use the tools we need to build you a winning strategy—no more, no less. The tools we’ll choose from may include:

  • An audit of your current online presence including
    content, website, SEO and social media
  • Customer research, including the development of customer personas
  • UX research including multivariate testing to determine
    what’s working and what’s not
  • Analyzing and documenting your sales funnel

What you’ll get at the end of the strategic planning process is an actionable, measurable best-practices based online presence plan.


Managing your Online Presence

Flawlessly and efficiently executing your content marketing plan

An online presence management plan includes content: videos, infographics, e-books, long-form, customer-driven, curated. And delivery: Blogs, SEO; social media; PPC; websites, email, syndication. Huebner Marketing delivers on all fronts with:

  • Writers—really good writers with subject-matter expertise and the skills to ferret out what they don’t already know
  • Designers—UX, SEO and responsive design experts, not HTML jockeys
  • Tools—marketing automation, CRM and automated measurement tools for effective process management
  • Google-certified SEO and SEM experts—that one just speaks for itself. They’re awesome
Social Media Services

Measuring Your Online Presence

Getting found online more often, more easily, by more people.

The only way to improve is to measure results. And the only way to measure results is to know what you are trying to achieve.

  • If your goal is brand awareness within a narrow market segment, that’s what we’ll measure
  • If your goal is delivering 100 new leads to your sales channel every week, that’s what we’ll measure
  • If your goal is to engage current customers as online brand evangelists, that’s what we’ll measure

You decide what’s important to you. We’ll develop the strategy, execute on the plan, and measure the results.

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