WiFiRanger, a manufacturer of advanced WiFi solutions for on-the-go customers, teamed up with MITO Corporation, a forerunner in distribution of premium electronics, to launch a product made exclusively for OEMs — the WiFiRanger Sky. The duo enlisted the expertise of Huebner Marketing to take WiFiRanger’s marketing efforts to the next level.

Huebner Marketing developed detailed messaging that differentiated the product and showcased its many benefits. With the updated messaging, we designed, programmed and delivered and email marketing campaign featuring three targeted email templates to send to OEM prospects. A pay per click (PPC) campaign was implemented for search and banner ads, and a sales brochure was also created and turned into an interactive, digital brochure. For retail shows, Huebner Marketing was tasked with creating a series of marketing materials that would help WiFiRanger promote complimentary free WiFi during events. Window clings and a branded login screen gave WiFiRanger the professional, cohesive look it needed to showcase how it can make hotspots even hotter.