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Whatever marketing strategy and tactics you use, knowing your story and making your story known will make selling your products and services easier. Whether it’s building awareness to raise trust, improve design for greater credibility, upgrade your website to capture more sales leads, or equip your salespeople with the right tools…in the end, every marketing effort should lend itself to smoothing that path to the sale.

For 30+ years, HUEBNER has been creating easier paths to the sale for OEMs and their suppliers. With a RELEVANCY REPORT™, we uncover where your greatest and most relevant brand positioning opportunities lie. With the RELEVANCY ROADMAPTM, we'll build a plan to communicate your story and relevancy to the marketplace. And our CREATE services will help keep your story on track, your positioning front and center, and your credibility at its peak.

If you’re finding the sales process a bit of grind, talk to us. Our system just might be your ticket to a smoother sales path for you and your team.

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You can have a great product - but without relevant, meaningful positioning, your brand can become dormant, stale, and declining. At Huebner Marketing we'll help guide your brand toward the most meaningful road for your success. We help set apart the products that change the game, make waves, and keep America moving.




Identify your strongest brand
positioning strategy.

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Plan for the future with tactics and strategies
that make sense.

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Show the world who you are with engaging
creative and content.

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client stories

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"Working with Huebner Marketing has elevated our brand awareness, pushed us to a new level of marketing and enhanced the value we bring to our dealer distribution network. Jim and his entire team are easy to work with, passionate and fully engaged in our business, from knowing our product offering to our distribution channel. I would highly recommend Huebner Marketing to anyone who is looking to take their organization to a higher level."

Troy James

THOR Industries Executive

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Huebner Marketing to any manufacturer wanting to differentiate and build their brand, develop deeper connections to their channels and see impressive ROI in the process."

Jim Jacobs

Former REV RV Group President

"We hired Huebner Marketing to improve our SEO and launch a PPC campaign for our three websites, and they delivered! In just the first 45 days, the Pace American site alone saw a 54% increase over the prior year in leads generated and a 45% increase in visits to the website. We are thrilled with the impact of their work and look forward to working with them on other projects."

Katie Panning

Former LOOK/Pace American Marketing Manager

"Huebner Marketing is a talented group of marketing pros. From creating excellent graphics and compelling copy to driving strategic planning and creative ways to drive buzz, their work helped launch our brand nationwide."

Josh Skow

Canyon Bakehouse Co-Founder

"Small or large projects, we have been very pleased with Huebner Marketing's quality of work. We also appreciate the Huebner agency culture. It makes it easy to work with them."

Jack Enfield

MORryde Sales + Marketing Manager

"Huebner is making a huge impact on our marketing and sales. From helping us build an amazing new site to driving traffic to it with their strategic SEO and PPC campaigns, these professionals have been a game changer for our business. The breadth of offerings and the depth of their creative and technical expertise provide us with a turnkey end-to-end marketing solution that is helping us hit our goals. We have achieved the level of success we have experienced because of our partnership with them. We are blessed and thankful to have them on our team."

Brent Holcombe

Holcombe CVI Managing Partner
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