Think of us as the "Group Hug" between your company and your sales channel...

Every company has ideas about how their products should be positioned and sold in the marketplace. But what corporate thinks isn’t always what the Regional Marketing Director thinks. And that isn’t always what the local dealer or retailer thinks. At Huebner Marketing, we work exclusively with manufacturers to make every link of communication in the distribution chain strong and impactful. When that happens, companies thrive, employees benefit, lives are enhanced.

  • We value honesty, integrity and transparency in everything we do.


    Manufacturers, salespeople and customers LOVE a good story. It’s what sets a brand apart, and it should drive strategy from the assembly line to the sales channel.

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    We design, program and deliver it all — from the landing page that will promote your next launch to the responsive website that will produce revenue.

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    Whether you need to generate online sales, drive traffic to a dealer website or create new OEM leads, we offer a myriad of online marketing services.

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    You’ve created brand awareness … now it’s time to maintain interest. Nurture leads with company updates, email automation, lead management and more.

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    If you’re like most manufacturers, you know a brand can be built or broken on the frontlines. These services make our clients HEROES to their sales networks.

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A complement to manufacturing marketing:
Huebner's dealer marketing services

Introducing the Frontline Clicks™ geo-targeted, brand-centered PPC program for dealers, and Huebner Marketing’s proprietary SKU™ Digital Asset Manager, a dealer marketing hub built to promote our manufacturing clients.

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