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Not just an ordinary pay-per-click advertising firm, we’re your manufacturer PPC specialist

You manufacture a product, and whether you’re trying to get it into the hands of another manufacturer or sell it to an end customer through a sales network, 90% of product searches happen online. With nearly 30 years of manufacturing marketing experience, we understand B2C and B2B marketing. Here, our pay-per-click advertising services are customized around the unique results manufacturers need to achieve, whether they’re trying to generate online sales, drive traffic to a dealer website or create new partnerships. At Huebner, we understand the manufacturing space, and as a Google Partner, we’re a trusted PPC agency.

Below is a sampling of our pay-per-click advertising services tailored to manufacturers


50% of search queries are four words or longer (Wordstream 2016). That’s a lot of words, so don’t guess what’s being searched.

PPC for corporate marketing objectives Take over search with national reaching PPC campaigns

Whether you’re a parent company overseeing dozens of manufacturers or a growing brand that needs to compete on a national level, Huebner Marketing (a certified Google Partner) knows how to scale the PPC efforts of manufacturers to have national reach without exhausting the corporate budget.


72% of consumers who did a local search visited a store within 5 miles; 28% resulted in a purchase (Wordstream 2016)

Geo-targeted pay-per-click advertising Your expert in digital dealer marketing services

We know most manufacturers have expansive dealer networks, often backed by a regional sales team. At Huebner Marketing, we specialize in geo-targeted PPC that delivers local results. In fact, we can tailor PPC campaigns that will meet your dealers’ co-op needs or drive their national sales events.


98% of site visitors leave without making a “purchase.” Remarketing can boost conversions up to 125%.

Remarketing solutions to stay top-of-mind They clicked … now you have their attention

Have you ever visited your competitor’s website, only to be reminded of your visit with a display ad on another website a few days later? That’s remarketing, and like your competitor, you can keep your brand in the forefront with AdWords remarketing, Facebook remarketing and more. Huebner Marketing specializes in driving traffic to your website — and then back again.


Did you know 44% of people go directly to Amazon for shopping searches? (Marketing Land 2015)

Impactful e-commerce advertising to leverage sales Amazon advertising, Google shopping ads and more

Some manufacturers rely on dealers to make the sell, while others sell direct. For those latter clients, Huebner Marketing offers e-commerce solutions, including Amazon advertising and Google shopping ads, which typically yield a lower cost-per-click rate than traditional PPC. (We can also help you build your e-commerce store.)


51% of the world’s marketing professionals name video as the best ROI producing content (B2B Content Marketing 2016)

Manufacturing YouTube advertising strategy The go-to YouTube advertising company for those who make things

Manufacturing is a process, and there’s no better way to capture the many things you do better than on the production line or the moment your product is in use. YouTube advertising ensures the right audience sees your video marketing in this highly digested marketing medium. (Need video production? Our brand development team can help.)


72% of B2B marketers don’t have any calls-to-action on their interior website pages (Content Marketing Institute)

Landing page conversion optimization Compelling content that creates action

Clicks are great, but conversions are more important, and it’s your landing page that does the work. Once a visitor clicks your ad, you have 15 seconds to captivate that audience, and then it’s all about leading them through action-driven steps. Huebner Marketing creates powerful landing pages, dealer microsites and responsive websites that generate results. (Explore our web design services.)



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