Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Connect with Others

Team Huebner
23 March, 2022

Three of Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetypes are connected by the core motivation to Connect with Others. The Everyman, The Jester, and The Lover all aspire to build stronger connections in the world and with their customers. Brands who align with these archetypes want to help their customers enjoy life and community through belonging, enjoyment, and intimacy. If that sounds like your brand—or the brand you want to build—read on for a deep dive into each archetype.

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What Do These Archetypes Share?

Do you consider your brand a harmony-seeker, a matchmaker, or a fun machine?

For brands in this quadrant of Jung’s archetype wheel, the desire to build connection with and among their customers comes before all else. By tapping into these elements of your brand archetype, you can build a brand that resonates with your employees AND your customers and cultivates greater trust, connection, and loyalty.

Brand Archetypes Wheel - Brands that Connect with Others

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Understanding “The Everyman” Archetype

The Everyman Brand Archetype


The Everyman (or Everywoman!) connects with others through value. Everyone is welcome; everyone is important. Dependable, pragmatic, inclusive, authentic—the Everyman looks for the common ground. The Everyman brand wants to feel valuable to its customer, like a friendly, folksy neighbor always willing to help. 

  • Core desire: Belonging
  • Drawback: Not standing out enough
  • Brand examples: Home Depot, IKEA, McDonalds



If your brand identifies with the Everyman archetype, then you want to invite your customer to come along with you and, most importantly, to belong. Use “we” language, celebrate solid virtues, and down-to-earth values. Avoid pretense and calls to make your customers something they aren’t in favor of a plain language invitation to be true to themselves right alongside their fellow man. 

Offer your customers belonging and acceptance, and they will return the favor with loyalty like you’ve never seen.


Understanding “The Jester” Archetype

The Jester Brand Archetype


The Jester connects with others through joy. Optimistic, playful, mischievous, light-hearted—the Jester lives in the moment, not afraid to make a little trouble for a laugh. The Jester brand is irreverent and original, using humor to brighten up a customer’s day. The Jester brand can take something mundane and make it fun and unforgettable. 

  • Core desire: Enjoyment
  • Drawback: Frivolity
  • Brand examples: Old Spice, Geico, Ben & Jerry’s, M&M, Budweiser, Progressive Insurance



If your brand identifies with the Jester archetype, well . . . lucky you . . . marketing a brand has never been more fun. Jester brands celebrate the unexpected and look for opportunities to build a connection with their customer through outlandish, unforgettable experiences. The higher the energy, the bigger the impact for Jester brands.

Understanding “The Lover” Archetype

The Lover Brand Archetype


The Lover connects with others through desire and intimacy. Passionate, empathetic, sensual, soothing—the Lover believes in the power of relationships and will do whatever it takes to preserve love. The Lover brand wants to help its customer feel beautiful, appreciated, and taken care of.

  • Core desire: Intimacy
  • Drawback: Not grounded enough
  • Brand examples: Godiva, Victoria’s Secret, Alfa Romeo



If your brand identifies with the Lover archetype, then you’ll want to keep a mirror close by. Aesthetics are important as you work to reflect the luxury of a premium brand. From your Instagram profile grid to background music in an ad to packaging, every touchpoint is an opportunity to showcase what’s beautiful about your brand. But don’t be a selfish lover, make sure your customer can clearly see the path to beauty and luxury for themselves as they interact with your brand.

Next Steps to Connecting Your Brand with Others

Keying in on the right archetype is a key part of the brand positioning process for today’s brands Identifying and using your brand’s archetype with consistency can serve as a lens to measure the authenticity of all your marketing activities. 

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