Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Yearn for Paradise

Team Huebner
27 March, 2022

Three of Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetypes are connected by the core motivation to Yearn for Paradise. The Sage, The Innocent, and The Explorer all aspire to bring the world and their customers closer to an ideal life. Brands that align with these archetypes want to empower their customers in their search for an authentic and fulfilling life by delivering understanding, safety, and freedom. If that sounds like your brand—or the brand you want to build—read on for a deep dive into each archetype.

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What Do These Archetypes Share?

Do you consider your brand an eternal optimist, a down-to-earth pioneer, or a dedicated truth seeker?

For brands in this quadrant of Jung’s archetype wheel . . .

Brand Archetypes Wheel - Brands Yearn for Paradise

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Understanding “The Sage” Archetype

The Sage Archetype


The Sage yearns for paradise through the truth. A Sage will always dig deeper rather than taking something at face value. Well-respected problem-solvers, expert-level perfectionists, deep intellectuals – the Sage feels compelled to share their knowledge as a contribution to a better tomorrow. The Sage brand values transparency and trusts that it can equip their customer to make informed decisions. 

  • Core desire: Understanding
  • Drawback: Analysis paralysis – never taking action
  • Brand examples: TED, The Discovery Channel, Google, Peloton



If your brand identifies as the Sage archetype, then your currency is information. Your expertise and know-how are of extreme value to your customer, and you can lead with that foot throughout your marketing strategy. If your audience is also a Sage, you need to pay homage to their intelligence in communications. Clear vocabulary with a sense of authority will be acknowledged and appreciated while oversimplified or unfinished messages will not. Sage clients expect factual and well-researched information, which should be watertight to avoid challenges.


Understanding “The Innocent” Archetype

The Innocent Archetype


The Innocent yearns for paradise through safety. An Innocent values the simple joys in life, drawing on their strong values to construct a better future. Open, pure, optimistic, forgiving, endearing—the Innocent always finds the silver lining. The Innocent brand genuinely cares about its customer’s well-being. The Innocent brand appeals to its audience by providing simple, honest solutions.

  • Core desire: Safety
  • Drawback: Naivety
  • Brand examples: Whole Foods, Dove, The Honest Company



If your brand identifies as the Innocent archetype, then your strategy should present itself as a no-frills, straight-talking optimist. Like the friend you call when you can’t find something in the grocery store, your brand voice should be helpful and kind. Look for ways to simplify bigger problems into easy-to-follow solutions or to make complex information easier to understand (infographics, animated explainers). Innocent brands create a connection with their customers by inviting them into a safe place where they can be themselves as they pursue their own self-improvement over time.


Understanding “The Explorer” Archetype

The Explorer Archetype


The Explorer yearns for paradise through freedom. Always craving new experiences, the Explorer seeks enlightenment through limitless discovery. Ambitious, innovative, autonomous, self-sufficient, untethered—the Explorer forges their unique path to fulfillment. The Explorer brand frees itself from the establishment to find new ways for their customer to rediscover themselves. 


  • Core desire: Freedom
  • Drawback: Aimless wandering, too self-involved
  • Brand examples: Patagonia, NASA, Jeep, Wrangler Jeans



If your brand identifies as the Explorer archetype, then there’s no limit to the possibilities. In fact, if you find the limit, you should be sure to push past it because that’s what your customers are looking to do. Avoid corporate, rigid programs whenever you can, looking for an authentic way to celebrate the spirit of freedom that you embody and promote to the world. Keep your campaigns fresh, take a few risks, and never look back.


Next Steps for Reaching Paradise

Keying in on the right archetype is a key part of the brand positioning process for today’s brands Identifying and using your brand’s archetype with consistency can serve as a lens to measure the authenticity of all your marketing activities. 

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