Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Make an Impression

Team Huebner
08 March, 2022

Three of Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetypes are connected by the core motivation to Make an Impression. The Hero, The Outlaw, and The Magician all aspire to leave a mark on the world and on their customers. Brands who align with these archetypes are the risk-takers, the change-makers, the brands who seek to inspire and empower their customers to be the best versions of themselves, no matter the cost. If that sounds like your brand—or the brand you want to build—read on for a deep diver into each archetype.

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What Do These Archetypes Share?

  • Do you consider your brand a risk-taker, a change-maker, or maybe even a rule-breaker?
  • Are your customers looking for inspiration to solve their problem or even a rescuer to solve it for them?
  • Can you leave them not only satisfied but surprised by the way you deliver?

For brands in this quadrant of Jung’s archetype wheel, the desire to leave a mark on their customers and the world comes before all else. By tapping into these elements of your brand archetype, you can build a brand that resonates with your employees AND your customers and cultivates greater trust, connection, and loyalty.

Brand Archetypes Wheel - Brands that Make an Impression

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Understanding “The Hero” Archetype


The Hero Archetype


The Hero leaves a mark on the world by serving others through excellence. Hardworking, courageous, successful, brave—the Hero never gives up. The Hero slays dragons: they want to fight the bully and keep everyone safe just as much as they want the gratification of achieving the impossible. The Hero brand cares deeply about the quality of their work, and their commitment to being the best inspires and motivates their customers to achieve success in their own lives. 

  • Core desire: Mastery
  • Drawback: Arrogance
  • Brand examples: Nike, Gatorade, FedEx, Craftsman Tools


If your brand identifies with the Hero archetype, then you should be sure to understand your customer’s pain points and highlight your ability to solve them. You’ll want to go beyond the features of your product or service and focus on the core benefit to your customer’s life. Hero branding naturally requires a commitment to strong customer support and company values to maintain an authenticity your customers can believe in. 

Slay their dragons and do it with confidence. Your customers would be lost without you, and you alone are the best-suited to rescue them from their pain. 


Understanding “The Outlaw” Archetype


The Outlaw Archetype


The Outlaw seeks to leave a mark on the world by revolutionizing it. Disruptive, confrontational, and independent—the Outlaw is not afraid of doing whatever it takes to make the world a better place. Never satisfied with the status quo, the road to revolution is paved with grit, attitude, and risk-taking. The Outlaw brand runs counter to the crowd and inspires self-expression, no matter the cost. When you find another Outlaw—or a fan of an Outlaw brand—you’ve found family. 

  • Core desire: Liberation
  • Drawback: Taking it too far
  • Brand examples: Harley-Davidson, Vans, Red Bull, Renegade RV


If your brand identifies with the Outlaw archetype, then you already know what to do. You’re disruptive and committed to your mission above all else. No idea is too “out there” as long as it speaks to your Outlaw family. Marketing an Outlaw brand requires a healthy dose of gumption and style.

Don’t be afraid to lean into your voice, to be as free and outrageous as your customer base, because they are looking for that authenticity to form a real and lasting connection. 


Understanding “The Magician” Archetype


The Magician Archetype


The Magician leaves a mark on the world by making the impossible, possible. Transformational, charismatic, mesmerizing, insightful—the Magician’s power is in their ability to imagine a better future and build a road map to take you there. The Magician brand guides their customers on a mystical journey from lost to found, and their deep self-knowledge and belief inspire their customers to develop a vision and live by it. 

  • Core desire: Power
  • Drawback: Perfection
  • Brand example: Dyson, Tesla, Disney 


If your brand identifies with the Magician archetype, then you’ll want to go beyond just solving your customer’s problem. You’ll want to make the experience of interacting with your brand a surprisingly delightful experience. Look for opportunities to go beyond the expected and built a memorable connection with your customers. 

From a surprisingly easy-to-use app to a no-questions return policy or drone delivery within an hour, magic is truly in the eye of the customer.

Next Steps to Making an Impression with Your Brand

Keying in on the right archetype is a key part of the brand positioning process for today’s brands Identifying and using your brand’s archetype with consistency can serve as a lens to measure the authenticity of all your marketing activities. 

Visit our complete Brand Archetypes Guide to dig into the rest of the wheel!

Ready to take the next step? We’ve walked through the process with clients for more than 30 years, and we’d love to help you identify and embrace your brand archetype. Contact us to talk about how we can help you.

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