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Join Huebner Marketing at M&A West

Exploring the Role of Brand Equity in Value Creation in M&A As a strategic partner to companies at every stage of the M&A deal cycle, we regularly engage in conversations about value creation, brand equity, and positioning innovations. It’s not every day, however, that we get to have those conversations in front of an audience […]

09 May, 2024 09 May, 2024
Ensuring Organizational Growth through Integrated Marketing

We’re marketers. Of course, we’re going to say marketing plays a pivotal role in driving growth and success. And absolutely, we always emphasize the fact that marketing can not succeed within a silo. For marketing to be truly effective, it must be approached as a collaborative effort, with inter-departmental communication and a mutual understanding of […]

13 February, 2024 13 February, 2024
The Power of First-Party Data

Tried and True Digital Tools Deliver Data: An Ode to the Classics While much of digital communication relies on trend awareness – knowing what topics, platforms, and delivery methods are most effective in the moment – some of it can now be considered as classic as cable TV. Websites, email, and chatbots are tried and […]

19 January, 2024 19 January, 2024
Overcome 2024’s Digital Marketing Hurdles

Look ahead, stay ahead. That’s the name of the game when it comes to digital strategy and presence. Right? Well, you have to have a plan, too. Especially this year. 2024 has a few big hurdles headed our way, and we’re here to highlight, define, and bypass them. So let’s start lookin.’ The Rise of […]

08 January, 2024 08 January, 2024
A Guide to Brand Positioning

As you’ve heard (over and over), a strong brand is essential for survival and growth in the competitive business world. A well-positioned brand stands out from the crowd, resonates with its target audience, and drives sales. But what exactly is brand positioning, and how can you develop one for your business? Let’s get you caught […]

14 November, 2023 14 November, 2023
Elevate Your Brand with Differentiating Messaging

How many direct competitors do you have? How many adjacent? Is your industry full of manufacturers, suppliers, and providers? And what are they all saying about themselves?  They’re saying a lot, and often. Just as you are. This is why standing out from the crowd is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. Differentiating messaging, […]

13 November, 2023 13 November, 2023
Stakeholders, from a Communications Perspective

The term stakeholder is widely used in the business world – and widely interpreted, depending upon industry and executive level. By general definition, a stakeholder is any individual or group that has an interest in or is affected by the outcome of a business’s activities. From a strategic communications perspective, a stakeholder is any individual […]

25 October, 2023 25 October, 2023
The Difference between Strategic Communications and Strategic Marketing

As a true partner to our clients, we ensure every step that is taken towards a goal is lifted with intentionality and supported by data. This is why the descriptor strategic is in so many of our services: strategic growth planning, strategic brand positioning, strategic marketing, and strategic communications. A question we have heard around […]

17 October, 2023 17 October, 2023
Planning an External Communications Strategy during an Acquisition

Acquiring a new business is a significant undertaking, and it’s crucial to have well-crafted communications strategies in place to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process. Because effective communication during an acquisition can greatly impact its success and outcomes, all messaging (internal and external) must be aligned/moving toward the same goals. Here are […]

04 October, 2023 04 October, 2023
Communication Is Key: Planning an Internal Comms Strategy During an Acquisition

Acquiring a new business is simultaneously exciting and challenging. Mergers and acquisitions move fast, bringing in new developments daily, if not hourly. Expectations and truths toward the future can shift with each new learned fact, and delivering those moment-to-moment “truths” become burdensome and ultimately, add to the confusion. However, when communication is on key and […]

04 October, 2023 04 October, 2023
How to Build Your Annual Marketing Plan

There are some standard practices that will make crafting your 2023 marketing plan as easy as it can be. Let’s cruise through them.

03 October, 2023 03 October, 2023
Innovative Brand Positioning Strategies: Thinking Beyond Conventional Approaches

Websites, emails, texts, and events. We all know the standards when it comes to representing your brand. These are important, yes. But will they give you that extra push you need to reach into the spotlight in those important moments? Perhaps. But we have a few, better ideas.  Unconventional positioning strategies can provide a breath […]

29 August, 2023 29 August, 2023
Brand Identity Development: Crafting a Visual and Verbal Identity

Your brand identity should do the following: reflect your brand’s positioning and serve as a visual and verbal language that communicates with your target audience. In this article, we’re going to delve into the intricacies of developing a brand identity that seamlessly aligns with your brand’s positioning, covering crucial aspects such as logo design, color […]

29 August, 2023 29 August, 2023
Measuring Brand Positioning Success: Key Metrics and Analytics

So you’ve built a brand. You’ve done your research and positioned it to lead the market. You built your strategic marketing and communications plans. And you’re executing them. Now what?  Now, you test your brand’s strength!  Once you’ve determined your optimal brand positioning, your sights should set on internal alignment, strategic planning, and tactic execution. […]

29 August, 2023 29 August, 2023
The Ultimate Guide to Strategic Brand Positioning: Unveiling Your Competitive Edge

Regardless of industry, your brand swims in a sea of competitors vying for consumer attention. Within this expanse of shiny objects acting as lures, weighted and substantial brand positioning has emerged as an anchor for success. Your brand’s unique identity and perception play a pivotal role in capturing market share and fostering customer loyalty. This […]

29 August, 2023 29 August, 2023
10 Tips to Make the Most of Your Video Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool that can help businesses of all sizes reach a wider audience, generate leads, and increase sales. As the data shows us, video is valuable: it’s more engaging than text or images, offers a positive ROI, and it can be used to tell stories, educate and engage customers, and demonstrate […]

13 July, 2023 13 July, 2023
Tactics to Ensure Video Marketing Success

Video is a powerful tool. Aside from its dynamic storytelling capabilities, its existence within your marketing playbook can help you reach a wider audience, generate leads, and increase sales. It’s proving itself to be king in the content calendars right now, and a major topic of conversation amongst our clients. With the conversation started, one […]

22 June, 2023 22 June, 2023
A Look at the ROI of Video

In today’s digital world, video is more important than ever before. People are more likely to watch a video than read a blog post or article, and video content is more likely to be shared on social media. Stats, you ask? Absolutely.  80% of internet users can recall a video ad they saw in the […]

15 June, 2023 15 June, 2023
How Thought Leadership Increases Brand Value

In today’s digital landscape, the buzz around thought leadership is undeniable. Webinars, podcasts, and postings on platforms like LinkedIn have prompted a bit of FOMO amongst those who aren’t already implementing the strategy. But why are people so intent on becoming thought leaders in their respective niches? Is it pride? Positioning? Sense of purpose? If […]

08 June, 2023 08 June, 2023
Trade Show Communications Plan How To

A well-crafted communication strategy can greatly influence the success of your trade show calendar, helping you engage your target audience, sustain valuable connections, and ultimately ensure the best return on your investment. In this guide, we will outline a timeline of communication opportunities, discuss the importance of internal communications, and offer tips to help you […]

04 May, 2023 04 May, 2023
How to Create an Exceptional Trade Show Experience

Trade shows are an excellent chance to showcase your products or services, connect with industry peers, and meet potential customers. To stand out in crowded exhibition halls, it’s essential to invest in creating a unique experience rather than simply setting up a booth. Trade shows are an opportunity to deliver an exceptional, on-brand experience, if […]

04 May, 2023 04 May, 2023
6 Tips for a Successful Rebrand

Rebranding can be a risky move for any business; but sometimes necessity outweighs the risk. Whether you are rethinking your identity due to market shifts or organizational changes, the process can and will be fruitful with the right strategy and steps in place. Rebranding isn’t just about coming up with a new name and logo; […]

27 April, 2023 27 April, 2023
Future Forward Branding: How to Choose a Brand Name that Accommodates Growth

Brand names hold power.  As the first impression and lasting, non-visible representation of your company, the name you choose for your brand has the capacity to make or break, well, everything. A well-chosen name can help you stand out and accelerate growth; while a poorly chosen one can limit – if not inhibit – your […]

17 April, 2023 17 April, 2023
10 Types of Brand Names

What Makes an Effective Brand Name? Creating a strong brand identity is essential in today’s competitive market. While your brand’s identity includes a myriad of factors including logo, color scheme, voice and tone, and more – the name of your brand is the first and leading method to audience recognition. Choosing the right brand name […]

12 April, 2023 12 April, 2023
What’s in a (Brand) Name? The Power of Connotation

Would a brand by any other name continue to be that brand? Would it capture its identity? Resonate with its audience? Highlight capabilities? Be recognizable? The art of creating (or recreating) a brand name is as scientific as it is creative. Understanding what words and sounds–and the concepts associated with them–requires study. Likewise, knowing which […]

30 March, 2023 30 March, 2023
Safeguard Your Acquisition with a Thorough Brand Equity Audit

How Brand Equity Audits Empower Strategic Acquisitions    Acquiring a new business is a significant investment that requires careful consideration and planning. One critical yet often overlooked aspect of an acquisition is the brand equity of the target company. A brand equity audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s brand assets and liabilities, including […]

16 February, 2023 16 February, 2023
Seven Keys to a Happy Sales Channel

Agency founder Jim Huebner records the seven tried-and-true keys to a happy sales channel in his free e-book, available now.

29 January, 2023 29 January, 2023
New Brand Integration Framework for Success

Acquiring new brands is part of growth for many Private Equity firms, and each acquisition requires strategic planning from due diligence through portfolio alignment and new brand integration. Bolstering the bottom line is undeniably the main motivator for purchase, but the path toward profit can be very different for each brand acquired, depending upon the […]

17 January, 2023 17 January, 2023
What is a Buyer Persona: Digging into Demographic Data

Do you know who is buying your product? Have you dug deeper than the standard M/F 35-60? Breaking through the surface demographic data can help you effectively market and sell your product or service, allowing you to align messaging and messaging channels to the specific needs, interests, and preferences of YOUR ideal customer. In short, […]

05 January, 2023 05 January, 2023
What is Digital Strategy? (And How to Build Yours)

The complexities of digital marketing require more than a see-what-sticks approach. Learn why strategy matters and how to get started.

20 December, 2022 20 December, 2022
What is Multi-Brand Strategy?

Learn how a solid multi-brand strategy serves as the foundation for a healthy collection of businesses and product lines.

29 November, 2022 29 November, 2022
Huebner Integrated Marketing Expands Capabilities with New Hires and Appointments

New Account Director, Director of Creative Content, and Content Specialist bring diverse expertise to our B2B clients.

14 November, 2022 14 November, 2022
Huebner Integrated Marketing Named Inc. B2B Power Partner

B2B Marketing is our bread and butter. So you can imagine how honored we are to be named among Inc. Magazine's B2B Power Partners.

08 November, 2022 08 November, 2022
Pricing vs. Promotions: Which Adds More Value to Your Brand?

Pricing strategy is an ongoing conversation in both B2B and B2C businesses. Should we raise the price to increase our profile as a premium product? Or offer discounts to build loyalty and good will with our customers?   In this post, we’ll dig into the science and the art of pricing strategy with a focus on […]

27 October, 2022 27 October, 2022
7 Common Roadblocks to Brand Relevance (And How to Overcome Them)

Brand relevance is so important to your business’ well-being and longevity. We're unpacking 7 common roadblocks to that relevance, so you can avoid them.

21 October, 2022 21 October, 2022
The 4 Pillars of Brand Relevance: Endless Quest

Founder Jim Huebner shares the final of his four pillars of brand relevance: E is for Endless Quest. Learn more in this excerpt from Jim's book, "The Irrelevant Old Brand."

17 October, 2022 17 October, 2022
The 4 Pillars of Brand Relevance: Value Exceeds Price

Founder Jim Huebner shares the third of his four pillars of brand relevance V is for Value Exceeds Price. Learn more in this excerpt from Jim's book, "The Irrelevant Old Brand."

17 October, 2022 17 October, 2022
The 4 Pillars of Brand Relevance: Inspired Difference

Founder Jim Huebner shares the second of his four pillars of brand relevance - I is for Inspired Difference. Learn more about this foundational principle to our brand positioning work in this excerpt from Jim's book, "The Irrelevant Old Brand."

17 October, 2022 17 October, 2022
How to Avoid Becoming “The Irrelevant Old Brand”

New book from agency founder Jim Huebner unpacks proven tactics to remaining relevant to your customers through an engaging business fable.

11 October, 2022 11 October, 2022
An Acquisition Checklist for A Strong and Lasting Brand

Mergers and acquisitions present an incredible opportunity to strengthen every brand involved. Use this checklist to ensure brand positioning remains a central part of your acquisition strategy and not an afterthought.

26 September, 2022 26 September, 2022
Huebner Integrated Marketing Recognized for Excellence in Web Design

The Huebner team is honored to be recognized by The Web Excellence Awards, a leading international interactive web awards competition, for our recent work.

19 September, 2022 19 September, 2022
How to Measure Success when Working with a Marketing Agency

A great marketing agency will bring strategic ideas to the table and execute on tactics designed to meet those objectives. Here at Huebner Integrated Marketing, we believe that effective marketing starts with defining your brand’s story in a way that really resonates with your customer.

10 September, 2022 10 September, 2022
The 4 Pillars of Brand Relevance: Gratefulness and Generosity

Founder Jim Huebner shares the first of his four pillars of brand relevance - G is for Grateful and Generous. Learn more about this foundational principle to our brand positioning work in this excerpt from Jim's book, "The Irrelevant Old Brand."

02 September, 2022 02 September, 2022
A Recipe for (Re)Positioning

Baking soda was originally sold for, believe it or not, baking. So why do we now use it for so many other things? Our Director of Client Services, Ashton Belk, unpacks this case study in brand positioning and relevancy.

02 September, 2022 02 September, 2022
What to Expect from a Brand Positioning Study

Whether you’re acquiring a new company, merging your brand with another, or looking for a marketing solution to a complex business problem, our Relevancy Report offers a proven process to help you build a stronger brand, inside and out.

26 August, 2022 26 August, 2022
Is It Time for a Website Refresh or Website Redesign?

An effective website can be a powerful tool in marketing your manufacturing brand. Keep your site working for you with a refresh or redesign at the right time.

21 August, 2022 21 August, 2022
Dealer Research: The Most Effective Sales Enablement Tools for Manufacturers

72% of dealers say sales enablement and marketing tools from the manufacturer are very or extremely important. But which are most important? We did the research so you don't have to.

19 August, 2022 19 August, 2022
Dealer Research: Why Brand Story Matters in Manufacturing Marketing

For those of us tasked with marketing in the manufacturing industry, the to-do list can seem never-ending. From internal communications to brand awareness to sales channel support, measuring what’s most impactful is key to prioritizing your efforts to support business objectives and, of course, drive sales. As we’ve worked with manufacturers in the last 30 […]

29 June, 2022 29 June, 2022
Why Agile Marketing for Agencies?

What is Agile Marketing? And how could it lead to faster, more efficient execution of your marketing tactics? Let's dig in.

31 May, 2022 31 May, 2022
Huebner Marketing Named in Best Web Developers in Fort Collins, CO

Business review site released a new list of top web development teams in our area, and we are proud to be on the list.

26 May, 2022 26 May, 2022
Dealer Research: How Can Manufacturers Support Dealers with the Most Growth Potential

Recent research into brand/dealer relationships in the big-ticket outdoor space showed a clear segment of dealers who are poised for growth. How can manufacturers tap into this growth potential?

10 May, 2022 10 May, 2022
Brand Architecture Foundations: Branded House vs House of Brands

In this guide, we explore the basics of Brand Architecture and the two most popular models for combining brands: Branded House and House of Brands.

22 April, 2022 22 April, 2022
Unpacking a Successful Brand-Dealer Partnership: Osprey Backpacks

Outdoor fan favorite Osprey Backpacks provides a perfect lesson is successful brand building through a network of dealer retailers.

11 April, 2022 11 April, 2022
Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Yearn for Paradise

Dig deeper into 3 of Carl Jung's 12 Archetypes, used by brands that seek to to bring the world and their customers closer to an ideal life.

27 March, 2022 27 March, 2022
Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Provide Structure

Dig deeper into 3 of Carl Jung's 12 Archetypes, used by brands that seek to provide structure for their customers—and the world.

27 March, 2022 27 March, 2022
Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Connect with Others

Dig deeper into 3 of Carl Jung's 12 Archetypes, used by brands that seek to build a Connection with their customers above all else.

23 March, 2022 23 March, 2022
Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Make an Impression

Dig deeper into 3 of Carl Jung's 12 Archetypes, used by brands that seek to Make an Impression on their customers—and the world.

08 March, 2022 08 March, 2022
Brand Archetypes Guide: What are They and How Can You Use Them to Better Market Your Brand?

What does Carl Jung have to do with your brand positioning? Our guide unpacks the power of identifying your brand archetype as a lens for marketing strategy.

08 March, 2022 08 March, 2022
5 Innovative Manufacturing Brands to Watch

These five trailblazing brands touch everything from the way we build airplanes, package our snacks, drive our cars, and make our clothes.

24 January, 2022 24 January, 2022
5 Manufacturing Brands Made to Last

This year, we’re celebrating the diverse and vibrant world of manufacturing, starting with a look at 5 iconic manufacturing companies that have remained relevant for 100+ years. 

19 January, 2022 19 January, 2022
6 Reasons Your About Us Isn’t Working

Mission. Vision. Value Proposition. Every company has these statements buried somewhere in their brand guide or website. But are they doing any good beyond the "About Us" page? Could they better connect with employees and customers?

14 January, 2022 14 January, 2022
New Leadership at Huebner Integrated Marketing

After 33 years as President, Founder Jim Huebner is passing the torch to Ashton Belk. Learn more in this note from Jim.

13 January, 2022 13 January, 2022
3 Predictions for Big-Ticket Outdoor Manufacturing in 2022

How can dealers and brands maximize the benefits of this booming industry?

10 January, 2022 10 January, 2022
Selling the Ends, Not the Means

Is your marketing selling benefits or features? Which is most relevant to your customers? Here are three great examples of benefit-focused marketing that hits the mark.

06 January, 2022 06 January, 2022
Brand Relevance in Three Steps

New year, same goals for being a radically relevant brand. Click through to catch Ashton's three tips for getting and maintaining brand relevancy in 2022.

30 December, 2021 30 December, 2021
Which Tactics to Tackle?

When it comes to marketing tactics, you must consider all three legs of the stool: is this the right action, at the right time, and in the right order? Like following a recipe, order of operations matters.

12 December, 2021 12 December, 2021
The Company Creed Your Brand Needs

The tireless work of US Postal Workers is captured in their famous creed. But does it match up with how employees feel about working for USPS? And what does it mean for your brand?

06 December, 2021 06 December, 2021
New Research on Brand and Dealer Relationship Trends

We asked 279 dealers what they want from their OEMs. The results are packed with valuable insights into their challenges and what they need from OEM teams.

30 November, 2021 30 November, 2021
New faces and a new look at Huebner Marketing

Huebner Marketing announces two key personnel changes on its leadership team alongside a recent brand refresh. Ashton Belk has been promoted to Director of Client Services and Abby Fraser joins the team as Senior Director of Content.

23 November, 2021 23 November, 2021
Is Branding in the Eye of the Beholder?

Picasso's "Untitled "sculpture stirred up a lot of controversy and started a movement in Chicago we're still talking about today. But what does it have to teach us about branding?

22 November, 2021 22 November, 2021
The Plow that Won the Heartland . . . and the Heart

John Deere remains a prime example of premium branding that's lasted centuries. What have they done right to maintain their status for so long? And what can we learn from their story for our businesses today? 

15 November, 2021 15 November, 2021

Believe it or not, small business marketing starts in the same place it does for big companies ... with a great product or outstanding service, followed by brand differentiation and consistent communication.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

Most mornings, I start the day out on the elliptical machine. I can't say I enjoy it, but there is one benefit in addition to breaking a sweat I get to watch a lot of television ads. Yes, while most people are fast forwarding or channel surfing during commercial breaks, I'm actually looking for them. I guess it sort of goes with the territory in which I live.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

I do some of my banking at Wells Fargo. They have the best in online banking, lots of locations, and very friendly people. In fact, it crossed my mind recently that their people might just be TOO friendly. Let me explain. When you walk in to Wells Fargo, you're first greeted by the greeter. Then the personal banker chimes in with a "hello" from behind her desk.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

When consumer decisions are made on price alone, it can be a sign of missing relevancy. And it's this relevancy that may steer the consumer from a decision based on price, to one that might enable the brand to be more profitable.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

Auto industry reporter Phil Lebeau sheds light on Jeep's brand marketing success despite dismal Consumer Reports' auto guide ratings, and it's product relevancy that plays a key role in Jeep's ever-growing sales.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

If you've seen the classic sports movie Jerry Maguire, (yes, it was on a few nights ago and I just had to watch it...again), you might remember the final scene between NFL player Rod Tidwell (Cuba Gooding Jr.) and his agent Jerry Maguire (Tom Cruise). The two had gone down an extremely rough road together, but their perseverance finally pays off when Tidwell lands a big NFL contract.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

For a number of years, there’s been a guy that stands on a street corner in Fort Collins, Colorado, promoting M&E Painting. Now, you might say, “Big deal." But make no mistake — Tim Farnsworth does it differently.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

We work with manufacturers who typically sell their products through independent sales channels. While those dealers, distributors or franchisees often say they're just looking for the best price, the truth is they're looking for a hero.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

It's that time of year again, when I blow the dust off the DVD player, grab a couple of hankies, and plug in one of my many copies of It's A Wonderful Life for the annual viewing. The movie has been my favorite since the mid-1980's, probably because it's so easy to relate to George's quest for greener grass.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

I am a fairly loyal Best Buy® customer. How do I measure that? Well, I was recently inducted as a Premier Silver Member (not based on my gray hair, but based on my volume of purchases). And when I need a computer, printer, TV, phone accessories, cameras, etc., Best Buy is the first place I typically think to go.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

Whether it's the difference between near-identical bottled water suppliers or the insight a television show can bring when you least expect it, it all comes down to this: Advertise. Publicize. Sponsor. Promote. Market.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

Over the past few weeks, I've heard a similar comment in different meetings with clients and prospective clients. It's been something to the effect of... "We want customers to come looking for our products instead of us having to go to them!"

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, several years ago, CEOs from around the world reported that the equity in their brand represented about 40% of their total market capitalization. More recently, Brand Channel stated that 70% of McDonald's shareholder value was generated by the brand alone.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

If you think about it, every business sells the exact same thing. We may each approach it differently. But in the end — when it comes right down to what EVERY one of us in business is actually selling — it IS the same thing.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

There seems to be a common theme in many of our client meetings so far this year . . . Cutting Costs vs. Adding Value

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

Whether there's snow on the ground or not, once March hits, I can't help but start thinking about four of my favorite outdoor activities: mowing, trout fishing camping, and grilling. While there are plenty of branding issues to discuss when it comes to fishing and grilling, this time I want to focus on mowers...specifically, my John Deere mower.

21 September, 2021 21 September, 2021

If you hadn't noticed, the buzz about content marketing and its importance in the mix only seems to be growing louder. And that might seem strange due to the fact that the strategy has been around for ages.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021
The Value of a Good Dealer

I don't typically make much conversation on the plane. It's not that I'm not interested in other people it's just the whole process of air travel can be taxing, especially if you've done it multiple days in a row. So when I boarded a plane headed for Manchester, NH a while ago, I was ready to put the headphones on, crank up the music, pull out the most recent issue of Forbes...and check out.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

I've always admired this ad. It originally ran in 1958 for McGraw-Hill Magazines. And even though it's more than a half century old, I love how timeless the message is...

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021
When OEMs & Dealers have “Lost that Lovin’ Feeling'”

If you're in business, you've undoubtedly heard this line more than once over the years... "If it wasn't for the customers, I'd love this job." And then just last week, a friend of mine asked me this... "I know you guys say you help make the manufacturer a hero to the dealer network, but don't you find that the manufacturers just really don't like the dealers... and usually, vice versa?"

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

The birthing of a trusted brand doesn’t generally start in the marketing department at all. Oftentimes, it starts in engineering. Or in customer experience planning. Or even with dealer loyalty programs.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

At Cabela's, Christmas ideas and brand stories literally jump off the shelf. Here's a look at two great products from the store's shelves, both with one-of-a-kind stories that have long helped these brands deliver premium prices.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021
MOM… and Brand Gemutlichkeit

Gemutlichkeit is a real word. A German word, in fact. And, oddly enough, how it related to branding was the topic of a conversation I had with my mom over the weekend.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

There has been so much discussion about building brands online some meaningful and some completely misguided that I thought I might offer my somewhat unique perspective of a marketer who works specifically with manufacturers and their dealers to build brands both on and off-line.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021
“Why Do They Need You To Do What You Do?”

When I arrived home from our client's annual dealer meeting, I had once again been invigorated by the connections we'd made at the event. We often look forward to these events because they offer such great opportunities to connect with both corporate personnel as well as their dealers.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021
Walker’s Clean-slate Approach to Frontline Marketing

Walker Mowers, a firm believer of supporting its dealer network through stellar frontline marketing services and generous marketing co-op programs, has helped more than 30 dealers transform their showrooms.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

My first job out of college on the client side was advertising manager for some Ace Hardware stores. It was a great experience because I had the chance to do it all research, media buying, ad concepting, layouts, copywriting, outdoor advertising, tv and radio commercials... even grilling hot dogs at weekend promotions.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021
John Deere’s Customer-first Trade Show Booth Designs

We've seen more than our fair share of retail shows thanks to our fabulous manufacturing clientele, but this year’s John Deere booth takes the cake for customer experience thanks to the brands' booth makeover.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

Huebner Marketing was awarded a Gold MarCom Award in the Digital Media category of “Outstanding Web Video" for its Dutchmen RV brand video. Check out this video marketing agency accolade.

20 September, 2021 20 September, 2021

I must say, it warmed my heart a little when the 50th Anniversary of the Christmas classic "Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer" was announced a few years ago. I have fond memories of the show and the anticipation that built up before it aired every Christmas season.

24 August, 2021 24 August, 2021

There's a time and a place to do things yourself. When it comes to survival, you can definitely make the case for doing it yourself. I remember watching Rambo for the first time and being in awe of his grit when he stitched up his own wound.

24 August, 2021 24 August, 2021

“Bombshell report claims US ad agencies unethically pad their profits with secret rebate schemes.” So why do advertising agencies—and so many other professions—struggle with trust in the marketplace? Let's discuss.

24 August, 2021 24 August, 2021

A while back, I had the opportunity to sit in on a live webinar hosted by the Marketing Science Institute. To be honest, I typically don't have time (or at least don't make the time) for webinars. In fact, I can count on one hand the number of webinars I've attended in the last ten years.

24 August, 2021 24 August, 2021

My son-in-law is a stud in every sense of the word. He's an Army Ranger and currently a Captain in the Army's Signal Corps. He's finishing his master's degree in information technology. He's a great dad to our granddaughter, consistently sending her videos of himself reading books to her while he was deployed to the Middle East for seven of the first months of her life. And he's a loving husband and great provider for our daughter.

24 August, 2021 24 August, 2021

I ran across a really interesting article a while back from the Marketing Science Institutes

19 August, 2021 19 August, 2021

I travel frequently for work, and this has made me an A-List Preferred member, which means I get free internet usage on the plane. They give me a Companion Pass allowing my wife to fly free with me. I have Priority Boarding, so I usually get my pick of the litter when it comes to […]

19 August, 2021 19 August, 2021

While the focus of the article was on consumer packaged goods (CPG) manufacturers and their retailers, it certainly applies to durable goods manufacturers as well. The researchers found that the retailer actually plays a major role in the success or failure of any product innovations the manufacturer introduces to the market. The reason Huebner Marketing […]

12 June, 2021 12 June, 2021