Brand Archetypes Guide: Brands that Provide Structure

Team Huebner
27 March, 2022

Three of Carl Jung’s 12 personality archetypes are connected by the core motivation to Provide Structure. The Creator, The Ruler, and The Caregiver all aspire to care for their customers and the world through innovation, control, and service. Brands who align with these archetypes want to help their customers to be the best versions of themselves and believe their products and services are key to that mission. If that sounds like your brand—or the brand you want to build—read on for a deep dive into each archetype.

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What Do These Archetypes Share?

Do you consider your brand a visionary, a leader, or a selfless helper?

For brands in this quadrant of Jung’s archetype wheel, the desire to build connection with and among their customers comes before all else. By tapping into these elements of your brand archetype, you can build a brand that resonates with your employees AND your customers and cultivates greater trust, connection, and loyalty.

Brand Archetypes Wheel - Brands that Provide Structure


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Understanding “The Creator” Archetype

The Creator Archetype


The Creator provides structure through innovation. They promote self-expression, model resourcefulness, and never shy away from a challenge. Authentic, ambitious, non-conformist, entrepreneurial, experimental, maybe a little eccentric—the Creator wants to manifest something meaningful. The Creator brand makes the world a better or more beautiful place by solving problems and stimulating creativity with their product/service. 

  • Core desire: Innovation
  • Drawback: Narcissistic, Perfectionist
  • Brand examples: Apple, Adobe, Crayola, Lego, Peloton



If your brand identifies with the Creator archetype, you’ll want to celebrate the spirit of innovation in your customer base. Any opportunity to highlight their ingenuity adds to your credibility as a facilitator. Look for ways to build community among your audience, building a sandbox for their self-expression.

Understanding “The Ruler” Archetype


The Ruler provides structure by taking control. Not afraid to own their mistakes and rise to any occasion, The Ruler is trustworthy, powerful, successful, a charismatic, natural leader. The Ruler brand stands at the top of its game, creating order from chaos, responding to its customer’s deep need for stability, status, and direction. 

  • Core desire: Control
  • Drawback: Too hierarchical, manipulative
  • Brand examples: Rolex, American Express, Mercedez-Benz



If your brand identifies as the Ruler archetype, then you want to maintain your position at the head of the class. Your customers most likely want what you have—status and control. Speak clearly, and with authority. Don’t force your way to the top but earn your customers’ respect through the promises you make—and keep.

Understanding “The Caregiver” Archetype

The Caregiver Archetype


The Caregiver provides structure through service. They are motivated by the greater good, helping others through care, compassion, and protection. Reassuring, nurturing, warm, maybe a little nostalgic – the Caregiver defends those who are less fortunate than themselves. The Caregiver brand educates its customer on how to care for themselves or their families. Or the Caregiver brand provides aid, education, and support to the wider community. 

  • Core desire: Service
  • Drawback: Fear of ingratitude
  • Brand examples: Volvo, TOMS Shoes, Habitat for Humanity, Pampers


If your brand identifies as the Caregiver archetype, then emotion is at the heart of your brand strategy. You’re offering your customer a good feeling, a warm place to land, a way to give back to the world around them. When in doubt, think about your brand as a loving mother, offering advice, protection, and care but never exploiting the emotions of your customers.


Next Steps to Providing Structure through your Brand

Keying in on the right archetype is a key part of the brand positioning process for today’s brands Identifying and using your brand’s archetype with consistency can serve as a lens to measure the authenticity of all your marketing activities. 

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