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Safeguard Your Acquisition with a Thorough Brand Equity Audit
How Brand Equity Audits Empower Strategic Acquisitions    Acquiring a new business is a significant investment that requires careful consideration and planning. One critical yet often overlooked aspect of an acquisition is the brand equity of the target company. A brand equity audit is a comprehensive evaluation of a company’s brand assets and liabilities, including […]
Seven Keys to a Happy Sales Channel
Agency founder Jim Huebner records the seven tried-and-true keys to a happy sales channel in his free e-book, available now.
Dealer Research: The Most Effective Sales Enablement Tools for Manufacturers
72% of dealers say sales enablement and marketing tools from the manufacturer are very or extremely important. But which are most important? We did the research so you don't have to.
Dealer Research: Why Brand Story Matters in Manufacturing Marketing
For those of us tasked with marketing in the manufacturing industry, the to-do list can seem never-ending. From internal communications to brand awareness to sales channel support, measuring what’s most impactful is key to prioritizing your efforts to support business objectives and, of course, drive sales. As we’ve worked with manufacturers in the last 30 […]
Dealer Research: How Can Manufacturers Support Dealers with the Most Growth Potential
Recent research into brand/dealer relationships in the big-ticket outdoor space showed a clear segment of dealers who are poised for growth. How can manufacturers tap into this growth potential?
3 Predictions for Big-Ticket Outdoor Manufacturing in 2022
How can dealers and brands maximize the benefits of this booming industry?
New Research on Brand and Dealer Relationship Trends
We asked 279 dealers what they want from their OEMs. The results are packed with valuable insights into their challenges and what they need from OEM teams.

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