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The Power of First-Party Data
Tried and True Digital Tools Deliver Data: An Ode to the Classics While much of digital communication relies on trend awareness – knowing what topics, platforms, and delivery methods are most effective in the moment – some of it can now be considered as classic as cable TV. Websites, email, and chatbots are tried and […]
Overcome 2024’s Digital Marketing Hurdles
Look ahead, stay ahead. That’s the name of the game when it comes to digital strategy and presence. Right? Well, you have to have a plan, too. Especially this year. 2024 has a few big hurdles headed our way, and we’re here to highlight, define, and bypass them. So let’s start lookin.’ The Rise of […]
Stakeholders, from a Communications Perspective
The term stakeholder is widely used in the business world – and widely interpreted, depending upon industry and executive level. By general definition, a stakeholder is any individual or group that has an interest in or is affected by the outcome of a business’s activities. From a strategic communications perspective, a stakeholder is any individual […]
The Difference between Strategic Communications and Strategic Marketing
As a true partner to our clients, we ensure every step that is taken towards a goal is lifted with intentionality and supported by data. This is why the descriptor strategic is in so many of our services: strategic growth planning, strategic brand positioning, strategic marketing, and strategic communications. A question we have heard around […]
Planning an External Communications Strategy during an Acquisition
Acquiring a new business is a significant undertaking, and it’s crucial to have well-crafted communications strategies in place to keep all stakeholders informed and engaged throughout the process. Because effective communication during an acquisition can greatly impact its success and outcomes, all messaging (internal and external) must be aligned/moving toward the same goals. Here are […]
Communication Is Key: Planning an Internal Comms Strategy During an Acquisition
Acquiring a new business is simultaneously exciting and challenging. Mergers and acquisitions move fast, bringing in new developments daily, if not hourly. Expectations and truths toward the future can shift with each new learned fact, and delivering those moment-to-moment “truths” become burdensome and ultimately, add to the confusion. However, when communication is on key and […]
Innovative Brand Positioning Strategies: Thinking Beyond Conventional Approaches
Websites, emails, texts, and events. We all know the standards when it comes to representing your brand. These are important, yes. But will they give you that extra push you need to reach into the spotlight in those important moments? Perhaps. But we have a few, better ideas.  Unconventional positioning strategies can provide a breath […]
Brand Identity Development: Crafting a Visual and Verbal Identity
Your brand identity should do the following: reflect your brand’s positioning and serve as a visual and verbal language that communicates with your target audience. In this article, we’re going to delve into the intricacies of developing a brand identity that seamlessly aligns with your brand’s positioning, covering crucial aspects such as logo design, color […]
Measuring Brand Positioning Success: Key Metrics and Analytics
So you’ve built a brand. You’ve done your research and positioned it to lead the market. You built your strategic marketing and communications plans. And you’re executing them. Now what?  Now, you test your brand’s strength!  Once you’ve determined your optimal brand positioning, your sights should set on internal alignment, strategic planning, and tactic execution. […]

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