Through Channel Marketing Services

Build a high performance sales enablement plan for your brand and those on your frontlines

Enable your sales teams to tell your story... and everybody wins.

Via our Through-Channel Marketing Services, we work directly with every link in the distribution chain, from corporate to the dealer network or multiple-location company stores. This ensures messaging, branding, and all through-channel marketing efforts are strong, impactful, and most of all, effective. 

Simplified sales channel experience

Your through-channel marketing services will be automated for consistency and ease of use. By automating digital efforts, we help make it simple for your sales channels to execute multi-faceted campaigns with dynamic content and cohesive branding.

Our suite of services includes (but is not limited to):

  • Online/Digital Marketing
  • Landing Pages/Microsites
  • Short and Long-term Campaigns
  • Emails/Newsletters
  • CRM
  • Creative Services
  • Lead Management
  • Video/Radio
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail
  • And more


Our support and management teams will introduce your channel to the world, then educate you on how best to move forward in ways that increase your bottom line. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your frontlines are fully equipped in their marketing efforts, that they utilize best practices, and that customers receive a consistent, quality experience.


While you tend to business as usual, we'll get you moving ahead without interrupting the sales flow. Our centralized marketing hub, MarComHQ™, is easy to use, and we’ll get you up and running quickly by integrating with your established systems and infrastructure. We’ll also work with your sales channel to build an execution guide and reporting plan to ensure everyone has what they need on day one.


An important component of successful digital marketing is the qualification of leads that engage with your sites and your sales channel. This helps to avoid the frustration of investing valuable time on individuals with no intention of making a purchase.

Questions like, "Is this a worthwhile sales opportunity?" and "What exactly is this customer looking for?" are answered and distributed to the right places at the right time. This helps take the guessing out of the sales equation, while facilitating fast, efficient, and accurate lead delivery.


We believe in transparency. So, when it comes to your sales channel and dollars, we help you understand exactly how your investment is performing. Using analytics and closed-loop reporting, our team will coordinate ongoing tactics and deliver results on your schedule. This way, you’ll have visibility across the entire sales channel and be able to share strategies and course-correct based on real, verified data.

That’s a plan well executed. That’s Huebner.



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